Graduating from Cambridge School of Art



Cambridge School of Art has been the stepping stones into my exciting career as a product designer. Studying a BA (Hons) Graphic Design degree I had the chance to explore many different avenues of design. Experimenting with different style's of projects from branding to print and everything in between. Finally diving into web and app design later on in my 2nd year which is where I found my profound love for Product Design.

Major Project Submission

While assembling the building blocks for my future during my studies I found my course outdated with current times, lectures often proposing outdated software and techniques. Photoshop for website design, Adobe Dreamweaver to bring websites to life, which I didn't want to spend my time learning outdated software. I proposed to teaching myself Sketch, to learn the ins and outs of UI/UX Design. Using my background as a graphic designer helped getting started with the basics.

But don’t get me wrong –– while I found Cambridge School of Art education quite limiting in terms of teaching I don't regret spending 3 years living and learning in Cambridge. Alongside my degree, I started taking on some of my first paid freelance roles which taught me how to manage clients and their expectations while being paid which is always a nice bonus and expanding my skill set as a designer.

As a whole, I think I've been super fortunate to land myself a Product Design job straight out of University, something I'll go into a little more detail in a future blog post.

Sep 21, 2020.


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