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The LiveScore app is a dramatically changing product in terms of design, features and business goals. A lot has changed over the past year to improve the product for our 56 million fans. Below is a snippet of the work I've designed and help ship to our current userbase in the past year.

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Building a scalable design system can be a challenge, especially when spanning across iOS, Android and Web with limited resources. Consistency across any platform is essential not for just the user but the LiveScore brand. A lot of time has been spent building a coherent ecosystem.



Once LiveScore gained streaming rights I straight away got to work with building an MVP video player, somewhat lacking in terms of design and feature set due to limitations on the development scope. A redesign of the player and enhancement of features was vital for a second version.

We were aware that there was a demand for casting live to a smart TV, alongside a picture in picture, stream quality selections and video scrubbing with the designs. I managed to achieve all the brief requirements while still creating a seamless experience.



Over the past year, I've built exciting enhancements to the product which improve user retention and the overall experience of the app. Audio commentary during a live match is a recent edition keeping users up to date in real-time.

YouTube highlights post-match showcasing clips from the latest football match. A detailed yet simple, scoreboard that collapses on scroll.


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