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Replacing our existing legacy CMS with a 3rd Party Sportal365. I was challenged to reimagining how news is consumed within our product. Part of the brief involved considering how to incorporate convergence and ad revenue into the product to direct users over to a SportsBook product.

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  • Product Designer
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  • 2020



Migrating from a legacy design aesthetic was the obvious starting point. I knew early on that the plan fits to enhancing the current user experience rather than presenting the user with something radically new while making sure existing users felt comfortable even with a refreshed design to this part of the app.




An application which reaches a large demographic connecting with its primary users connecting with their finances in a more enjoyable way, something the next generation of banking applications need.

News Hub

Displays curated content for each user LiveScore user, simple toggled allow for filtering articles by sport. A refreshed carousel to access featured content.

See All

Search each shelf in time order allowing for easy access to recent articles when searched.

News Article

Including Sportal365 widgets as a convergence strategy to bring some users over to a betting platform alongside the article, they're currently viewing which suggests relevant articles to view next.


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